Server & Network Installation

BICOM provide Server and Network Installation for company from basic IT Infrastructure Installation to migration until upgrade solution for existing IT Infrastructure and system.

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Solutions given by BICOM will be based on IT Audit and analysis such as reliability and maintainability of existing system and infrastructure if exist. With the intended to look for solutions that can benefit the company and the best solutions that can offered to the company to meet the requirements and need.

Master Plan will be given by BICOM, such as what IT Solutions and infrastructure are required to achieve the company goal after carefully studying the customer company strategic goal.

• Server Installation and Configuration
- Domain Controller, Mail Server, Anti Virus Server, etc.
• Server Migration
• Disaster Recovery
• Network Infrastructure
• Hardware and Software selection and Installation
• Security Concept

Like the heart of the company, the server plays a major role as a data storage center. This data center can be used to accommodate data from clients. The data can then be accessed by every employee even though they come from different divisions. In addition, the server also prevents possible data loss thanks to an automatic data backup system and allows you to retrieve accidentally deleted files.

Using your own server has many benefits and advantages :

  • Controlling Data
  • Build Your Own Service
  • Reliability
  • Administration Access
  • Technical Support

Therefore, do not hesitate to use the services of PT. Bicom Mitra Solusindo in handling servers in your company. With a professional and integrated workforce, we can help you.