Managed Services

How many computers do you have in your company? Are you frustrating when your computer and system broke down? Do you think what you do will fix the system or become worse? Who will you call when your system broke down and if you don’t have IT Staff in your company?. Call us!!

BICOM, Managed Services will be the answer for you. With “certified” expertise that masters in their field, your company no needs to worry. The people you call are competent and will we solve your company problems.

Advantages you can get with our Managed Services:

1. Operational cost and capital investment in IT management can be reduced.
2. Stay focus on improve on company core business.
3. Achieve a higher degree of customer and user satisfaction.
4. You can avoid ongoing challenge to retain your IT personnel skill.
5. Improve your competitive advantages by gaining to world class technologies.

Why choose Bicom ?

1. Cost effective IT Managed Services.
2. Free consultation and IT audit.
3. Free server installation will be given during routine visit.
4. Support is supervised by Certified engineer.
5. One to one Support replacement in case of previous support sickness, leave, etc.
6. Supervisor/project coordinator on site customer visit (every one month).
7. Free temporary hardware replacement for certain product bought from us.
8. No additional cost charged to customer if our support required more than two days to fix the same problems.
9. Monthly activity report will be given to customers.